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Various sizes of Straight Cable Needles, Cranked Cable Needles and U Shaped Cable Needles.

Needles could be Pony, Prym, Whitecroft, Inox, Lesür or Sirdar - if you want to know more then please email us first

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U Shaped Cable Needles - sizes 2mm and 4mm 


U Shaped Cable Needles - sizes 6.5mm and 10mm


Cranked Cable Needles - sizes 2mm to 5mm 


Straight Cable Needles - sizes 2mm to 5mm


Straight Cable Needle - sizes 5.5mm to 7.5mm


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Maximum UK Postage and Packing is £3.80 per order. UK orders over £40 are P+P Free. We are unable to accept orders for delivery outside the UK at the moment.
Updated 15/04/24
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