Circular Needles

Circular Knitting Needles are 2 needles joined with a length of thin round plastic. They can be used instead of a normal pair of needles. Useful if the garment is large as the weight is in your lap instead of on the needles.

Needles could be Pony, Prym, Whitecroft, Milward, Inox, Lesür or Sirdar - if you want to know more then please email us first

Length Size Price Add to Basket
80cm 2mm £2.40
80cm 2.25mm £2.40
80cm 2.75mm £2.40
80cm 3mm £2.40
80cm 3.25mm £2.40
80cm 3.75mm £2.40
80cm 4mm £2.54
80cm 4.5mm £2.54
80cm 5mm £2.54
80cm 5.5mm £2.74
80cm 6mm £2.74
80cm 6.5mm £2.74
80cm 7mm £2.74
80cm 7.5mm £3.50
80cm 8mm £3.50
80cm 9mm £3.50
80cm 10mm £3.90
80cm 12mm £4.95
80cm 15mm £4.95
We can get size 20mm and 25mm on request. Please email us for the prices.
Sizes 5mm and over are usually plastic needles and smaller sizes are usually metal, but if this is important please get in touch.
All prices are in UK Pounds and include UK VAT. Secure Shopping Basket. There is no minimum order.
Maximum UK Postage and Packing is £3.80 per order. UK orders over £40 are P+P Free. We are unable to accept orders for delivery outside the UK at the moment.
Updated 15/04/24
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